Visibility into data is one of the major factors leading to a successful equipment test, algorithm design, or simulation.

Cost and schedule are always significant drivers for decision makers on any program. Often technical quality and even program objectives are sacrificed to stay within acceptable program parameters. However if data visibility, data sharing, and data archiving are properly addressed, program risk can be significantly decreased. The SEA package of products addresses these concerns by using current technology to implement cutting edge designs. The experience gained during SEA's 30 years of serving the technical community has been incorporated into it's products.

Systems Engineering Associates, Middlesex, VT






SEA Tool Kit

  • SEA Program Shell (SEAPS)
  • Plot Package
  • Digital Filter Design Tool

GPS UE Test Instrumentation

  • Instrumentation Port (IP) Receiver Test Tool
  • Special Block Data Extractor

GNSS\GPS III Design Tools

  • Satellite Truth and Measurement Generator
  • Binary Event File Analyzer
  • GPS III OCX / GNSS Positioning Unified Filter Simulation
  • Enhanced AUTONAV Design
  • Constellation Level Autonomous Integrity Monitoring